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diann holmes

Sod Webworms Fight Lawns with a Vengeance

Nov 29th 2014, 2:40 am
Posted by diannxlef
There are a number of insects and larvae that can wreak havoc on lawns. These insects are referred to as pests in the landscape and pest control industries. You may be among people who assume that pest control is a desirable service for the indoors or actual housing or building structures. The truth is that pests can do just as much damage outdoors as they can within structures. This is why it makes sense to get properties treated before infestations begin. A salt lake city to ogden company is a good resource to use to thwart these infestations. If you decide not to get your grass treated, you may still be able to save it as long as you notify a professional in a timely manner.

The sod webworms are one of the most notorious culprits for damaged lawns. These little critters look like harmless caterpillars in their larvae stage. This is the time when they do their damage too. The colors of them can range from opaque to dark. This is why it makes sense to get a professional to inspect your lawn if you suspect that you have sod webworms. Their month of attacks usually occur between the months of June and September. If you notice that your grass is dying, and it is also easy to pull up, you may have these critters feasting on your lawn.

You must have a professional to address the suspected lawn critters. They will use insecticides to treat the grass once they determine what type of pests are causing the damage. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can treat your own grass by buying products from a hardware store. The best way to prevent these pests or kill them is by acquiring the help of a professional. This is true because the professionals will determine which pests are responsible for the damage before they begin treatments. As an amateur, you could choose the wrong treatment, which will mean that the pest likely will not be affected by it.

The cost for professional Salt Lake City Pest Control and Lawn Care is likely going to be much cheaper than what you would have to pay for new grass. So, why skimp on the details? You can save yourself time by keeping routine appointments with a pest control salt lake city company. Different pests attack lawns at different times of year. Routine services help to ensure that your lawn stays looking great year round.

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