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millard dubois

What For Those Who Look for in Windows Treatments

Dec 2nd 2014, 5:09 am
Posted by millardiedq
Whether you are looking for curtains or blinds singapore, you want to make sure you are choosing wisely so you can have the perfect look for your home. Since there are so many different styles, patterns and types you can choose from, it can sometimes be an overwhelming process. If you read on, you will learn what you need to look for when purchasing linen curtains so you can make a perfect choice for your home.

When considering purchasing a curtain singapore, fullness is key. To get the best look for your home, you need to purchase a curtain that is 2 or 2 1/2 times wider than your window. This will allow for proper draping so you have a beautiful and lush look for your window. Draped curtains look much more stylish than single panels stretched across your window.

Length is also important in purchasing curtains. Drapes should go all the way to the floor and should even slightly pool on the floor. Sometimes, it can be difficult to get the perfect length unless you have them handmade. If you cannot get the exact length, you can always purchase a longer curtain and hem it. This will give your window treatment a classy and flowing look that is perfect for any home decor.

You also need to consider function when choosing curtains. Are you going to want them to remain open or closed? Do you want light-blocking ability or do you want light to be able to freely shine through? Consider your options so you can decide what functions you want your curtains to serve you. This will allow you to be prepared for your purchase even before you begin shopping.

Finally, the hardware is also important. Hardware can add or subtract from a window treatment. Most design experts agree you should choose your hardware and curtains in the same purchase. Hardware should be classic so it can be paired with other curtains you choose to hang.

If you consider each of these aspects of curtains singapore, you will be able to choose the perfect size, type and style of curtain for any area of your home. Think about the season and the decor of your home before making a choice. Curtains can be changed out on a regular basis or for different seasons so the look of your home is always fresh and inviting. If you are having trouble finding the right curtains for your home, consider working with a design specialist.

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