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elden law

Big Data is Experiencing Big Growth

Dec 5th 2014, 12:57 am
Posted by eldenrncp
It's amazing to think that there was a time when having even a gigabyte of storage in a computer was almost unthinkable. These days, companies are going so far as to promote the idea that no one should bother to delete anything, because it's cheaper and easier to use search and computer analysis to figure out what's interesting and important rather than having humans try to go through and keep their files orderly. If you have an interest in technology, you can turn this into an opportunity to build a great career for yourself. SimpliLearn offers big data hadoop training that can help you to get a great position with any company that has a strong interest in collecting data.

What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is a piece of software that's designed to make it easier to manage huge volumes of data. In essence, it automates the process of taking a large amount of processing that has to be done and spreading it across multiple computers so that it can be completed more quickly. Then, when each of those computers finishes its share of the work, the results are compiled to produce a final set of answers that's actually useful. It turns problems that were too complicated to touch just a few years ago into something that can be managed fairly easily. With the right hadoop training, you can be one of the people who is making this happen.

What's involved?

There are a variety of positions that people can have involving hadoop, but you'll need to have a fairly good understanding of the system as a whole. Developers who want to work with the system will have to do some programming, but it's actually a lot simpler than most of them expect coming in. The developer doesn't have to worry about how the job is spread across the system or then brought back together in a single place. He just has to write the code that the computers run to produce their own results, and then something to take the output of that first program and put all of it back together.

Someone who is seeking big data hadoop training should generally have some knowledge of Java first. It's possible to work with the system using other programming languages and approaches, but Java is an extremely common tool and you'll have a much easier time with both certification and finding a job if you're comfortable with it.

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