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Strategies For Those Planning On Mounting a Flat-Screen Television Above a Fireplace

Dec 18th 2014, 6:11 am
Posted by rosendoiedq
When homebuilders put in fireplaces, they generally look for prime, central sports to place them. A fireplace with a crackling fire can be a great attraction, so those tasked with laying out and designing homes typically want to ensure that residents will be able to enjoy them to greatest effect.

That fact means, though, that often the obvious place to put a new flat screen television is right above an existing fireplace. If the fireplace is already positioned in a spot where those in a living room or den will be able to see it clearly and easily, after all, then that same space is often a natural-seeming spot for a television as well.

That can be a good idea, in fact, but it is one that will require some research before it can be followed through on. While adjustable tv wall mount above a usable fireplace can be safe and satisfying, there are a number of issues that need to be ruled out before homeowners should feel confident with proceeding.

One of the most important of these is the question as to just how hot the area the TV intallation will occupy gets. Depending upon the construction and placement of the chimney, temperatures on the wall above a fireplace can vary widely from home to home. Another important factor will be how big, and therefore hot, the fires in the fireplace typically get.

Before pursuing such a Wall-Mount TV Installation, then, homeowners should do some research. Making use of at least two thermometers, preferably of both the traditional and infrared variety, they should look into the surface temperatures at the proposed mounting spot when fires are active. TV manufacturers will vary in their recommendations, but in most cases temperatures higher than 105 degrees Fahrenheit or so should be cause for concern. Some televisions might hold up to such stresses over time, but most will degrade fairly quickly if the heat regularly gets much more intense.

Another important issue is whether the wall structure in the area will be up to supporting the weight of the television. Once again, this is something that must be investigated on a case-by-case basis, because there are a variety of possible construction techniques. Naturally enough, a bare chimney that presents bricks thick and strong enough to take on appropriate bolts without trouble can often easily allow for a wall-mount installation of this sort. On the other hand, some fireplaces or walls will only be able to support small televisions at most.

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