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Wedding event Favor Methods You'll Love

Dec 22nd 2014, 9:59 pm
Posted by fosterrtvg
Planning your wedding can be one of the most exciting times of your entire life. This is one situation where the anticipation of the big day really is nearly as much fun as the wedding day itself. The best way to really enjoy your wedding is to take your time to really enjoy the preparations for it as well. Allow yourself to choose a great wedding gown that truly reflects your personality. You can find that choosing a wedding gown rental is the perfect start for a perfect wedding day. Once you have your wedding dress, don't forget that you need to create a special day for your guests as well. Below, you can read about a few of the wedding favors that will give your guests wonderful memories of your special day.

Gift Bags

Gift bags can be a great choice for wedding favors because they are pretty easy to personalize. While you don't really need to create a unique gift bag for every person at the wedding, you can choose some good female gifts and some nice male gifts, then make sure that each guest gets a gender appropriate gift bag. Some fun ideas for your female guests include: Bath products, lotion, lip gloss, and nail polish. For male guests, you can include things like miniature bottles of liquor, decadent chocolate treats, or male grooming supplies. Consider placing the female gifts in one color of bag and the male gifts in another color bag, ideally two different shades that are included in your wedding decorations. Another fun inclusion for both males and females can be candy. You can even choose candies that are personalized for your wedding, or which reflect your wedding colors.

Flowers or Plants

A fun way to create a gift that will last for a long time is to give each guest a small flower pot. Inside, you can place the seeds for wild flowers or even a small starter plant. If you want to get really creative, paint each guest's name on the flower pot they will receive. If you want to give something even easier to create, you can buy little herb growing kits. These are charming little kits which often include several different metal pails and the starter seeds for several different herbs. Your guests might be inspired to start a window garden, and think of you each time they see it! To find even more great wedding dress singapore and wedding favor ideas, you can check out The Gown Warehouse website. Find it online at wedding gown singapore.

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