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renita padgett

How to Choose Clothing for a Family Photos Shoot

Today, 5:44 am
Posted by renitayoon
When you book a session with a talented Honolulu family photographer, you are creating memories with your family. To ensure satisfaction with the final images, make sure to plan your wardrobe carefully. Take the time to choose clothing that you will want to see in family photographs for years to come.

Create a Color Palette

Your family does not have to wear matching clothing to produce great images. In fact, matching clothes can make photographs more boring and sterile. However, decide on a color palette so everyone complements each other. For example, you might dress everyone in blue jeans and white or green shirts to add some uniformity to the images.

A color palette can involve multiple colors. For instance, you might decide that everyone will dress in shades of blue, green, and yellow to reflect the natural hues found at the beach. This is a classic choice for a session with a wedding photography, especially if you plan to take your photographs by the sea shore.

Choose Flattering Pieces

Before you decide on an outfit for your family photography session, put it on and stand in front of a full-length mirror. Does it flatter your body shape? Do you feel comfortable in it? Are there any aspects of the clothing that make you feel subconscious?

Professional Honolulu photographers know how to pose people in flattering ways. However, the right clothes can make you feel more confident when the camera's lens is aimed in your direction.

Make Yourself Comfortable

A family photography session often involves kneeling or lying on the ground, crouching next to young children, or posing on large objects in your chosen setting. If your clothing is too restrictive or uncomfortable, you will find it difficult to achieve the poses at your photographer's direction.

Additionally, your discomfort will be written all over your face. If you want to come away from your session with flattering, relaxed, enjoyable shots, it is important to wear clothes that allow you to think about the event rather than your discomfort.

Choose Appropriate Footwear

Appearance is not the only consideration when selecting footwear. You might love your new high heels, but how will you walk across the sand when the heel sinks into the ground with every step?

The best strategy is to select footwear based on comfort and style. Consider sandals or sneakers for the beach, or go with something more formal for a shoot at home or in the park. Of course, for certain locations, going barefoot is always an option. Talk with your Oahu newborn photographer about the best course of action for your chosen location.

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