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cary giles

Cut Costs and Get the Latest in Computer Technology

Oct 11th 2014, 5:02 am
Posted by carynvpc
Lots of businesses are worried about how they are going to be able to afford an upgrade to their computer network. More importantly they are wondering how they are going to afford the support staff their network will need. The cost of upgrading a large computer infrastructure for a large company can be staggering. Some companies will spend more than one hundred thousand dollars on their network, only to have to upgrade again in a few years. While some businesses struggle to find a way to make it all work, other businesses are using managed it services in Edmonton.

Hosted services are a lot like traditional computer networks, but with a few exceptions. The computers are not located on-site, they are located in a data center owned by the service provider. The servers needed to run the software a business relies on for productivity are maintained by the support staff the service provider employs. The biggest difference of all is that the business does not own the servers, the hosted service provider does. All of this means that the client only pays a flat monthly fee, and they will get all the hardware they need to run their software and they won't have to worry about paying a support staff.

When it comes to saving money on computer technology and computer network support Edmonton businesses are much better off using hosted services. There's no need to invest in expensive servers, no need to buy expensive software, no need to pay an over qualified support staff, and best of all upgrades are part of the service. Instead of investing in hardware that just needs to be replaced in a few years businesses can pay a flat monthly fee and enjoy access to the latest in computer technology. Using it managed services businesses can save thousands of dollars each year.

Providers such as SC Systems offer hosted services to any kind of business. Whether a large company needs to support hundreds of employees, or a small company needs to support less than ten there are service plans to meet those needs. A business only has to pay for what they need. If at some point the business expands and they need more system resources to run their software all they need to do is upgrade their plan. If none of the service plans seem to fit he needs of a business they can simply list the hardware resources they need and come up with a custom plan.

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